New Data on Consumer’s Media Consumption

Muzit shares updated statistics on consumption of software and entertainment downloads

Muzit Inc., a big data company, today announced the release of the latest data on the volume of entertainment downloads via global peer to peer file sharing networks. Muzit’s reports track download volume of software, music, movies, TV shows, video games and other forms of digital content sharing.

Muzit’s TRACE software is now tracking approximately 20 million torrents and over 300 million global IP addresses. The largest category is software with over 1.4 billion illegal downloads, representing billions of dollars in lost revenue to the software industry. According to the Business Software Alliance's 2018 Piracy Study, the global piracy rate is 37 percent: Their study claims that the pirated software in use has a total value of $46.3 billion. The piracy rate is much higher in emerging markets than it is in developed countries, such as the U.S.

The company has seen the download volume of TV shows and videogames approach the music Industry and movie downloads recently surpassed the music industry, with over 300 million infringements.

The global movie industry’s revenue losses from digital piracy are between $40 and $97.1 billion per year ( With the vast amount of big data available to understand consumers media consumption habits, Muzit will be introducing more ways to access these reports through

About Muzit

Muzit’s TRACE Platform is both a big data solution software and a disruptor to the way the software and entertainment industries have treated the world’s largest distribution channel, P2P file sharing. Muzit’s TRACE was conceived by copyright owners, industry insiders and technology industry veterans to provide software companies, content producers, artists and other copyright owners a unique solution to market and monetize the untapped P2P file sharing community. With approximately 3.5 billion people connected to internet globally, and only 10% of them paying for subscriptions to streaming services, piracy is a thriving current phenomenon and an enormous opportunity for creating a new market of paid subscribers. Muzit’s TRACE software collects unauthorized global P2P distribution of copyrighted content and provides powerful data analytics by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques. For more information, visit